An Overview

For over four(4) decades, the Fountain Educational Organisation has through its Nursery and Primary School (the Fountain School), ages one and half (11/2) to eleven (11) years, sustained a reputation as a foremost private institution committed to the promotion of excellence in child education.

The establishment of Fountain Heights Secondary School, from ages eleven (11) to seventeen (17)years, in the year 2001 was inspired by the demand of our parents to extend this tradition of academic excellence to a higher level...Read more

A Parent's Perspective


This school has a curriculum based on value for students and parents, delivered in a traditional “family mode”.
The sense of dedication of the teachers and school officials to bringing out the best in the child, in a down to earth manner, without airs is impressive 

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 Logistical convenience of commuting for us, given the primary section proximity, this I had 4 children in all at a time with two in primary and two in secondary respectively, as at last school year, school run has not been that bad as it can be in LAGOS, and finally:

We get good value education at a reasonable cost without any artificial status symbol which exists in some schools in Lagos and tends to destroy the student’s value system.
Dr.(Mrs.) Newman

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